The application of "children graffiti" style painting in children's drawing teaching

Jiping Yue1,a and Lizhen Li2,b
1kede college of capital normal university
2Xiangnan University
Children's graffiti style in the form of training, the composition of color and the cultivation of creative ideas, can give students reference. This paper expounds and analyzes the definition and characteristics of children's graffiti style painting, and discusses its important position in art history from three aspects of artistic value, historical value and economic value. Taking the basic training of color as an example, this paper shows the ways and methods of introducing children's graffiti style painting into the basic art teaching.The results show that the introduction of children's graffiti style painting has a positive influence on students ' understanding of color and control of image language.

Abstract Art, Action Painting, Pollock





Published in: 

2nd Eurasian Conference on Educational Innovation 2019

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