The Application of TensorFlow Facial Recognition Technology in Education Assistant System

Wen-yuan Hao1,a, Jae-woong Kim2,b and Jun He1,c
1Xiamen Academy of Arts & Design,Fuzhou University
2Computer Science & Engineering, kongju National University
1Xiamen, China, 2Cheonan, Korea
TensorFlow is an open source artificial intelligence system from Google Inc., which was announced in October 2015. With flexibility, high efficiency, and good scalability and portability, it can be applied to a variety of computing environments from smartphones to large computing clusters. It is currently used in many fields.
This study experimentally proposes a technical solution, based on TensorFlow to construct a convolutional neural network model for face recognition, and counts the number of faces identified, so as to quickly perform attendance statistics.

TensorFlow, Convolutional neural network, Deep learning, Face recognition





Published in: 

2nd Eurasian Conference on Educational Innovation 2019

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