On the Construction of Philosophy System of Learning

Baohua Liao1,a, Lizhen Li1,b and Shufang Ding1,c
1Xiangnan University
Corresponding author: Lizhen Li, 147011094@qq.com
Learning is not only an individual experience activity, but also a common practice activity with some regularity in today's society, and it is the basic motivation to continuously promote the development and progress of human society. The cognition of the regularity of learning is deepening with the development of the times and social progress. Under the condition that learning has become a ladder to promote social progress and lifelong learning has become a consensus, especially under the condition that artificial intelligence has ever influenced human behavior, questioning the nature and regularity of learning and exploring the construction of a philosophy system of learning will be conducive to promoting lifelong learning and forming a positive force to promote social development, with typical ethical significance. This article will discuss from three aspects: why the philosophical system of learning is needed, why it can be constructed and how it can be constructed.

learning, the philosophy of learning Learning





Published in: 

2nd Eurasian Conference on Educational Innovation 2019

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