DC Voltage Adaptive Droop Control Strategy for Hybrid Multi-Terminal HVDC System

Yingpei Liu1, La Zhang1, Haiping Liang1, Zhengping Wang2, Wei Zhao2, Zhikun Xing2
1School of Electrical and Electronic Engineering, North China Electric Power University
Baoding 071003, Hebei Province, China
2Cangzhou Power Supply Company of State Grid Corporation of China
Cangzhou 061001, Hebei Province, China
In order to solve the problems of coordination control in the hybrid multi-terminal high voltage direct current (hybrid- MTDC) system effectively, a DC voltage adaptive droop control strategy based on DC voltage-current characteristics is proposed. By introducing the droop coefficient influence factor, the proposed control strategy can adjust the droop coefficient according to the dynamic power margin of the converter station, so that the converter station can participate in power regulation according to its own power regulating ability. Consequently, the strategy allocates the power reasonably and minimizes the DC voltage deviation. Simulation results have verified the feasibility and effectiveness of the proposed control strategy.

hybrid multi-terminal high voltage direct current system, adaptive droop control, droop coefficient influence factor, DC voltage deviation







Published in: 

2nd International Conference on Information, Communication and Engineering (ICICE 2018)

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