Design of Electronic Wallet Based on Block Chain

Chih-Cheng Chen*,Guang-Song Yang
School of Information Engineering, Jimei University
No.185 Yinjiang Rd., Jimei District, Xiamen,361021, Fujian, China
Xiamen 361021, Fujian, China
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With the rising value of Bitcoin and some digital currencies, this brand-new technology has entered the people's daily lives and received widespread attention. With the popularity of technology and the increasing population of users, the transaction issues is getting significant. At present, the centralized transaction methods, such as Alipay, WeChat payment and bank cards, are widely accepted by the general public. However, the drawbacks and trust brought by centralized products are also people's concerns. In view of the fact that society is now paying more and more attention to the issues of trust, this article will develop a smart contract based on block chain technology to solve the transaction problem on the decentralized Ethereum platform.

Block chains, intelligent contracts, transactions







Published in: 

2nd International Conference on Information, Communication and Engineering (ICICE 2018)

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