The Design of An Indoor Gardening Table Game to Improve the Attention of Elders with Dementia

Sei-Wo Tseng1*, Wing-Kwong Wong2, and Fendi Rusly2
1Department of Industrial Design, National Yunlin University of Science and Technology, Douliou, Yunlin, 640, Taiwan, R.O.C.
2Department of Electronic Engineering, National Yunlin University of Science and Technology,
Douliou, Yunlin, 640, Taiwan, R.O.C.
This study is to understand the cognitive impairment needs of elderly people with dementia and propose design targets for indoor plantation game to improve the cognitive of attention in dementia. The Contextual Inquiry methods were adopted to collect behavioral problems of elders in a private elderly care center, when engaged in indoor horticulture therapy activities and interviewed caregivers. Finally, the Affinity Diagram was used to sort out the service opportunities. The requirements consist of the following points: 1. Organize horticultural treatment activities indoors, 2. Add nostalgia elements, 3. Improve concentration and selective attention, 4. Accompanied acquaintances, 5. Intuitive design, 6. Use of sitting position, 7. Consideration of environmental issue. In accordance with the above requirements, an indoor gardening table game was to construct. After six attention flower assembling tasks twice a week for three weeks, the attention score of the latter MMSE test was twice as high as that of the former. The subjects not only improved the score of the attention, but also the social ability and communication ability were progress.

Dementia elderly, Attention Improvement, Horticulture therapy, Contextual Inquiry, Indoor Gardening Table Game for Dementia elderly





Published in: 

2nd Eurasian Conference on Educational Innovation 2019

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