The Effects Of Instant Feedback Sysrem On Course Interest And Academic Achievement In Gamification Learning

Jun He1,a, WenYuan Hao*1,b, Jae-Woong Kim*2,c
1Xiamen Academy of Arts & Design, Fuzhou University, Xiamen, China
2Computer Science & Engineering, kongju National University, Cheonan, Korea
The research was carried out to examine the impact of the feedback system on participants’ interest and academic achievement in the gamification learning. Gamification learning experiments were conducted for two classes of students (90 participants in total) throughout a semester, and multiple feedback time intervals were used to test participants’ interest and academic achievements during this process. It turns out that more instant feedbacks lead to better achievements. Instant feedbacks act as promotions for learners’ thinking of problem-solving. Meanwhile, feedbacks help the learners avoid being interfered by other irrelevant content, which helps them build on their interest in the learning contents more easily. The experiment reveals that the instant feedback system helps increase learners’ course interest and academic achievement.

Instant Feedback System, Gamification Learning, Course Interest, Academic Achievement





Published in: 

2nd Eurasian Conference on Educational Innovation 2019

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