Emotional Interaction Design In Augmented Reality Technology Learning Environment

Jiong Li Shang1,a, Jun He*1,b and Kai Gao1,c
1Xiamen Academy of Arts & Design FuZhou University Xiamen,China
No. 852, Ligong Road, Jimei District, Xiamen, Fujian.
Xiamen, Fujian Province, China
The process of learning is the process of knowledge acquisition and emotional experience, and the unity of cognition and emotion. The interactive technology based on augmented reality provides educators with a new way of expressing to learners, and build a space for independent exploration for learners in the most natural way. At present, the educational application of augmented reality ignores the important role of affective factors in the cognitive development of learners, and the problem of lack of emotions is gradually highlighted.
In order to enable learners to achieve a comprehensive and unified development of cognition and emotion in the augmented reality learning environment, the concept of "emotional interaction" was introduced into the augmented reality learning environment, and the relationship between cognitive interaction system and emotional interaction as well as the law of interaction in the augmented reality learning environment were explored from the perspective of "learner-centered". Based on the research results, the elements of emotional interaction design were summarized , which could be used for in-depth understanding of the essence of augmented reality learning environment and for enriching and developing the theory of teaching interaction.

Augmented Reality Technology, Learning Environment, Emotional Interaction Design





Published in: 

2nd Eurasian Conference on Educational Innovation 2019

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