Exploring the Charm Factors of Microfilm Creation "Living with Medicine and Mercy"

Xiao-Jing Yu
Xiamen Academy of Arts and Design, Fuzhou University, Xiamen, Fujian, PR China
Corresponding Author: sisishe@163.com
Microfilms are highly interactive, open and entertaining, and can enhance the interest and enthusiasm of learning film photography. Microfilm has an open communication platform that can be played on a variety of mobile terminals such as the Internet, mobile phones, and mobile TVs for urban public transportation. It is interactive and participatory. Therefore, in order to discover the charm factors of microfilms which can attract the audiences, and at the same time, taking the microfilm creation "Living with Medicine and Mercy " as an example, explore and compare the charm factors to drive people to watch this microfilm. This research used the Evaluation Grid Method theory from Preference-Based Design, and interviewed six highly involved people in microfilm to proceed related research. The attractiveness factors consisted of originality factors, abstract attractiveness factors and concrete attractiveness factors can be obtained by the Evaluation Grid Method. Among them, the microfilm real story, camera movements, and the emotional aesthetic communication are most recognized by the interviewees. The attractiveness factors can provide effective references for a microfilm creation.

Evaluation Grid Method, Microfilm, Attractive factors







Published in: 

2nd International Conference on Information, Communication and Engineering (ICICE 2018)

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