Practice of Teaching Reform on Case Based Teaching of Chemical Technology Facilitated by Production Practice

Xiao-ling Zhao1,Yu-qi Wang2*
1College of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering, Xi’an University of Science and Technology, Xi’an, China
2School of Chemical Engineering, Northwest University, Xi’an, China
*Corresponding author
Mobile +86 13488210810, Fax +86 5108522 5940, E-mail
Since grade 2014, the new teaching plan was carried out that the production practice was put in the middle of the semester. Production practice well planned and was blended with Chemical Technology classroom teaching, students studying effect has quite much improved. Therefore, the teaching team adjusted this new teaching methods. This kind of blended learning and teaching method, which have the chemical Technology teaching extended from the classroom to the production practice site, make students learn to analyze the similarities and differences of the classic process and actual mill process, and help them to research chemical process and write detail summary report, and do the group discussion. By this method, teachers can give score to students by their daily studying and practice, also help teacher to make statistical analysis of the scoring rate for the process analysis questions in the final examination, and make evaluation of the blended teaching methods.

Chemical Technology, Case based teaching, Blended learning, Innovation ability







Published in: 

2nd International Conference on Information, Communication and Engineering (ICICE 2018)

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