Research on the general education mode of Xiangkun opera

Lizhen Li1,a, JipingYue2,b and Baohua Liao1,c
1Xiangnan University
2kede college of capital normal university
Corresponding author: JipingYue,
With the rapid development of Internet technology, human society into the era of big data, education mode is also moving towards the road of change. The process of bringing Xiangkun into general education is the process of cultivating the confidence of national culture, the process of cultivating students' acceptance and acquisition of traditional culture, and a way to extend the form of Chinese traditional art.This paper combines specific teaching practice, explores the feasibility and mode of the implementation of the general education model of Xiangkun Opera from the local Kun opera introduction, the general education combined with local culture, the significance of Hunan Kunqu Opera into general education, the purpose of Hunan Kunqu opera into general education, the reform method of Kunqu opera general education mode.

Internet, Region, Culture, Digital





Published in: 

2nd Eurasian Conference on Educational Innovation 2019

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