Study on the teaching of integrating southern Hunan Folk art into artistic design

Lizhen Li1,a, Baohua Liao1,b and JipingYue2,c
1Xiangnan University
2kede college of capital normal university
Corresponding author: Baohua Liao,
At present, folk art is confronted with insuring predicament of no inheritance.The inheritance and innovation of folk art heritage requires the Government's attention and the attention of all sectors of society, as well as the initiative of universities.Under the realistic background of the transformation and education reform of colleges and universities, from the point of view of teaching and talent training, this paper focuses on the theoretical and practical problems of integrating Hunan folk art into the teaching of art design in colleges and universities to promote the reform of education and teaching of art design major in colleges and universities, take the initiative to bear the responsibility of folk art inheritance and innovation, so as to cultivate high-quality talents to find a realistic and feasible path.

Southern Hunan Folk art, artistic design, Study on the teaching





Published in: 

2nd Eurasian Conference on Educational Innovation 2019

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