A Study on The Value of Traditional Graphics in Visual Communication Curriculum in China

Zhong Yu
PhD in Design Science, Shanghai Academy of Fine Arts,Shanghai University .
Lecturer, School of Art and Design, Shanghai University of Engineering Science
Researcher, Tongji University Shanghai Institute of Design and Innovation
No.333, Long Teng Road, Shanghai 201620, China
+8617721078203, ppdexyj@163.com
Visual communication is a common major in Chinese design institutes. Its specialized curriculum includes: the basic training of visual elements, graphic design, multimedia, comprehensive design and so on. However, the concept, method, technology, content and values of the whole visual communication education system are almost originated from the West and China has no local discourse power on design. China, on the other hand, has rich design resources represented by traditional graphics, which can be used to develop visual communication professional curriculum in local context. Its value not only lies in the teaching and learning of curriculum, especially in contemporary practice and inheritance of Chinese traditional design. In this way, Chinese local design theory and education system can be built while different from the western context.

Visual Communication, Curriculum Development, Traditional Graphics, Value Research





Published in: 

2nd Eurasian Conference on Educational Innovation 2019

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