Systematic and quantifiable approach to teaching elite students Preparation of Papers in Two-Column Forma

Sidharth Jaggi1, Xishi Wang2, Borislav Dzodzo3, Yichao Jiang4, Helen Meng5
The Chinese University of Hong Kong
609, William M.W. Mong Engineering Building,
Shatin, Hong Kong
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Flipped classroom activities for elite CUHK freshman engineering mathematics course was statistically analyzed in order to discover early performance indicators, importance of group formation and performance relationships among activities. Review activity took place prior to the midterm and correlated with the total class grade. Class forum activity also correlated with the total class grade while project activity and question creation game activity only correlated with the midterm. Student groups were statistically identifiable due to unique sets of in-class assignments.

e-learning, flipped, web enabled





Published in: 

Eurasian Conference on Educational Innovation 2018

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