Developing University-Based Micro-Modules: Practical Perspectives from CUHK

Yichao Jiang*, Morris S.Y. Jong, Wilfred. W. F. Lau, Helen Meng
The Chinese University of Hong Kong
606, Chen Kuo Ben Building,
Shatin, Hong Kong
*Tel: (852) 3943-9691 E-mail:
The development and organization of micro-modules in e-learning plays a fundamentally indispensable role in tertiary education. Meanwhile, the use of micro-modules in various blended learning and flipped learning context has been growing rapidly in the past few years. CUHK (The Chinese University of Hong Kong) has initiated a series of grant schemes on developing university-based micro-modules across all departments since 2014, and this systemic construction of micro-modules to support flipped learning has been enhanced widely. Despite that both teachers and students have been benefiting from such schemes, there still exist some practical issues that need to be further addressed in subsequent stages in the future.

micro-module, construction, university-based, and CUHK





Published in: 

Eurasian Conference on Educational Innovation 2018

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